Growth Accelerator Program (GAP)

Extend your in-house team's marketing knowledge with $100M+ revenue of experience

Get global experts in the field of Facebook Ads, Ecommerce, and fast-growth on a monthly consulting/coaching basis to support your team with our media buyers, analysts, video creatives, and Marketing Director level support

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Trusted Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP)

Want Access To The Best Facebook Marketers To Help Grow Your Business Beyond 7 Figures?
Growth Accelerator Program

In order to ensure that you are generating as much revenue as possible from your Facebook ads, the GAP program allows you to get weekly insights directly from the senior media buyer and the team at SM Commerce.

In this program, we will be adding your account to the same systems that we apply to our own clients. Each week, we'll be providing you with actionable insights to ensure that you're getting the most bang for your buck in the ad account.

This includes weekly updates, office hours chat times, monthly one-on-one a senior strategist, and our personalized consultation of your specific ad accounts.

We grew our ecom business from 6 to 7 figures

"GAP program really helped me understand the data, and how to go about structuring my Ad account properly, how to test properly, how to scale properly, and putting them perspective. We 4X our revenue in Q4 last year. Our AOV went up 15%, we've done another 12% this year."
- Ghadeer R, Ecommerce Store Owner
$40,841 of new sales in one hour of their Swimwear Product Launch
Increasing daily revenue by 15X using a promo strategy & Facebook Ads
Retargeting campaigns CPA’s were decreased by 40% using our strategies
What's included with GAP?

As a Facebook Marketing Consultant (FMC) certified agency, SMC works closely with Facebook on solutions that fit a variety of businesses. We have Facebook's support through this process, as well as access to quarterly perks and benefits that clients such as yourselves can enjoy, including potential $10K of ad credit for our retained clients depending on spend level.

We'll advise on everything from ground-up:
  • A CORE-4 readiness analysis to prioritize the biggest opportunities across your Product positioning, audience and avatar, offer and lead/sales funnel
  • 5W Avatar build to get deep into your target customers
  • Full account audit, including pixels, policy compliance, and account health checks
And we’ll keep you informed all the way:
  • Monthly Strategy Call: 60 minutes of expert guidance and account support for your business
  • Weekly Facebook Ads Insights: A comprehensive Report & Analysis using our Daily Dashboard System
  • Slack Comms: Ad-hoc support once a week during defined hours (to be agreed via email) that The Agency is on hand for any questions already posted or in real-time from The Client related to Facebook ads or any aspect of marketing and sales growth.
  • Elite Access: Full access to The Agency’s Facebook ads training course, private coaching group, and inner circle for the duration of the contract (unless purchased separately which overrides this clause).
  • Facebook Access: Full access to The Agency’s facilities at Facebook including our high-level Partner Manager, Auction Team, Policy, etc through The Agency only and at our discretion.

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Growth Accelerator Program

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Meet your new team

SM Commerce is a certified Global Marketing Partner for Facebook. We strive to be leaders in our industry and to deliver the best possible return on investment for our clients.

Here's just a few of the teammates who will be dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest level of success possible through your Facebook advertising.
"My mission is to leave a lasting legacy through helping others grow their business to achieve their goals and dreams. Will you be a part of it?"
Depesh Mandalia, Founder SMC
Depesh Mandalia
Depesh is on a mission to help entrepreneurs punch above their weight to build highly profitable businesses through Facebook advertising. CEO of SM Commerce, he has helped generate well over $100M in online revenue.
Shalina Barok
A vastly experienced Facebook Marketer with millions of dollars ad spend since 2014. Recognised by Facebook with invites to their Menlo Park Head office, European HQ in Dublin as well as speaking invites as part of their SME Boost Program. She is also a founding member of the Facebook UK SME Council with distinct pleasure of meeting Sheryl Sandberg on multiple occasions.
Kate Connolly
A creative problem solver that places people and businesses on a continuous path of growth. With  years of experience working with start-ups and digital marketing strategies, Kate helps clients deliver great results.
Olga Plauché
A master of process and efficiency! Olga resides in the background overseeing the fulfillment team to ensure that tasks are completed on time and at the highest degree of quality. Her experience in operations has allowed her to scale multiple businesses past the 7-figure mark from scratch.
Nica Valdeavilla
Nica is a brilliant global media buyer who has spoken on stages around the world to empower entrepreneurs to reach their greatest heights. She is your secret weapon to nailing the perfect messaging through her specialization in copywriting.
Derek Karani
Derek is a highly skilled Facebook media buyer with a specialization in research, data analysis, and account troubleshooting. He's one of the people keeping a constant close eye on your accounts performance.

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