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An in-depth diagnostic analysis of each asset involved within one of your funnels (including ad creative, copy, audiences, landing pages, and ad account structure).


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Want to know what to improve, what to do less, and what to do in order to maximize your results?
Strategy Audit

A one-off strategy built to help create your path forward, designed for businesses that require a review of where they are and where they want to be. Then we'll fill in the gaps on how to get there.

  • Phase 1: Setup - audit, research, and planning
  • Phase 2: Plan - everything from account to pixels, to audiences and ads, to account structure, and to funnels and emails
  • Phase 3: Delivery - a prioritised action plan followed by a 45-minute review meeting to discuss any feedback
Policy & Compliance Audit

Specifically for businesses that care about their stability on the ads platform for whom losing their business manager or ad account could have detrimental impact. It is also for those that have already lost their ad account. Our one-off review provides insights around avoiding policy issues, but are also used to provide an action plan after a penalty has been received.

  • Phase 1: Setup - audit against our policy checklist
  • Phase 2: Plan - prioritised RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status of key issues and opportunities with guidance and where to focus your time and effort
  • Phase 3: Delivery - a prioritised action plan, guidance, and further reading to avoid future policy issues (as far as we can foresee)
Full Funnel Diagnostics (FFD)

This is an in-depth diagnostic analysis of each asset involved within one of your funnels (including ad creative, copy, audiences, landing pages, and ad account structure). We go through the history of your accounts and uncover insights on what to improve, what to do less of, and specific actions to take in order to maximize your results

  • Phase 1: Setup - Full account audit which includes analysis of audiences, creatives, landers, and pixel implementation.
  • Phase 2: Plan - Summary of findings and insights uncovered in each funnel area
  • Phase 3: Delivery - An in-depth analysis of the entire funnel, action plan on areas of improvement, and 30-day support to help with implementation.

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SM Commerce (SMC) is a Facebook Advertising agency working with high-growth clients to scale faster and more efficiently. SMC is also a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner with Premium status.

Founded in 2010, we started off as affiliates running travel offers generating over £10M in merchant revenue. Then, we focused on Ecommerce and, eventually in 2017, became an exclusive Facebook ads agency. 

Founder, Depesh Mandalia has 15+ years experience in the online marketing world.

As part of our mission to help improve Facebook advertising results for over 100,000 people, this training guide is aimed to reduce the stress and anxiety of operating your ad account and prevent ad account bans and issues.
Depesh Mandalia, Founder SMC
"My mission is to leave a lasting legacy through helping others grow their business to achieve their goals and dreams. Will you be a part of it?"
Olga Plauché
A master of process and efficiency! Olga resides in the background overseeing the fulfillment team to ensure that tasks are completed on time and at the highest degree of quality. Her experience in operations has allowed her to scale multiple businesses past the 7-figure mark from scratch.
Nica Valdeavilla
Nica is a brilliant global media buyer who has spoken on stages around the world to empower entrepreneurs to reach their greatest heights. She is your secret weapon to nailing the perfect messaging through her specialization in copywriting.
Derek Karani
Derek is a highly skilled Facebook media buyer with a specialization in research, data analysis, and account troubleshooting. He's one of the people keeping a constant close eye on your accounts performance.

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